Commonwealth essay winning entries

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The Expanding Field will survey the edges of our profession with the aim of identifying progressive avenues of enquiry, discovering new territory for design, and inspiring innovative forms of practice. ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION - PRIZE PRESENTATION.

The prize presentation of the English Speaking Union (ESU) of Malaysia‘s essay writing competition on the topic “Making Malaysia Asia‘s Top Tourist Destination“ took place yesterday at the BERNAMA office in Kuala Lumpur. INDIAN PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL - HYDERABAD The Indian Photography Festival (IPF) - Hyderabad, a Not-For-Profit initiative of Light Craft Foundation, is an international photography festival, showcasing a wide range of photography from India and around the globe with a series of events, including talks and discussions, portfolio reviews, book launches, screenings, workshops etc.

Here are four UK literary agents actively expanding their client lists. Hellie Ogden represents fiction, children’s books and non-fiction and enjoys novels with bold storytelling, moving prose and vivid, thought-provoking characters.

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Chris Evans’ short story-writing competition for kids, in association with Oxford University Press. Jersey students enjoyed great success in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competitionorganised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, winning six gold, seven silver and 23 bronze awards.

Commonwealth essay winning entries
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