Domestic abuse social campaign bell bajao

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‘Bell Bajao’ Blog Campaigns Address Domestic Violence in India

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Domestic violence: How women can deal with it

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Bell Bajao

The Bell Bajao campaign was conceived by Mumbai-based NGO Breakthrough, to mobilise men to take a stand against domestic violence. A series of public service announcements were broadcast on Indian radio, television and print showing men and boys who had witnessed domestic violence and intervened.

Although the campaign does not depict women or girls ‘ringing the bell’, the Bell Bajao! blog features testimonies from women who have taken action by ringing the bell.

But sustaining the audiences’ engagement on an issue like domestic violence goes much beyond a blog. The Bell Bajao (meaning “Ring The Bell”) campaign has been on in India sincelaunched initially with the support of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The primary aim was to get men – who are conspicuously absent in this discourse – to be active partners in the fight against domestic violence. Oct 16,  · Best Answer: Bell Bajao (Hindi for 'ring the bell') is a campaign which urges local residents to take a stand against physical abuse through simple acts.

The campaign was launched on August 20, by Breakthrough in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, UNIFEM and the UN Trust Status: Resolved. Breakthrough’s Bell Bajao campaign calls on men and boys to ring the bell to stop domestic violence against women.

Ring the Bell (Bell Bajao)

The second paper is a case study in using video and community education to raise awareness and reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, as part of the Bell Bajao! campaign in India. The case study examines the impact of the campaign and explores the potential for expanding the program.

Domestic abuse social campaign bell bajao
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