Pros and cons of commerically purchased social studies lessons

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Social Studies

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Some Advantages & Disadvantages of Direct Teaching

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Using a matrix or chart, compare and contrast the pros and cons of the following: 1. Integrated social studies learning 2. Textbook social studies learning 3.

Social Studies

Commercially purchased social studies learning 4. Teacher-prepared social studies learning In an essay of 1, words, reflect on your findings and the implications for curriculum.

This digest discusses (1) how social studies textbooks are used by elementary teachers, (2) problems children have in reading textbooks, and (3) procedures for improving textbook use in. hopebayboatdays.comcially purchased social studies learning; and hopebayboatdays.comr-prepared social studies learning.

In an essay of ,words, reflect on your findings and the implications for curriculum design and social studies instruction in meeting today’s standards. With an integrated social studies curriculum, teachers are given the opportunity to design a curriculum that allows students to learn, practice, and apply social studies knowledge while balancing it with another core subject like English, science, art, math, etc.

Maria Yepez works with her 4th grade class at Muir Academy in Long Beach, Calif., on exercises pegged to the common core that teach students critical reading and thinking skills.

Pros and cons of commerically purchased social studies lessons
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Improving the Use of Elementary Social Studies Textbooks. ERIC Digest