Social and economic time druing shakespeares

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Social and Economic Time Druing Shakespeare’s Era

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What about Shakespeare's Times?

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Social Classes- the Nobility, the Gentry, the Yeomanry, and the Poor. Even though the play is set in Italy, there are definite parallels between some of the social aspects of Romeo and Julietand life in Elizabethan England during Shakespeare’s were.

Shakespeare's father, John, was a reasonably prosperous glover, though he fell on hard times. In he applied to the College of Arms for permission to use a coat of arms. His son William followed up the application in During the Elizabethan age England became the economic capital of the middle ages and experienced a time of financial growth.

Elizabethan Social and Economic Legislation

There was artistic, social, scientific and political advancement. At the time Elizabeth inherited the throne, the state treasury was virtually empty/5(1).

Social and Economic Time Druing Shakespeare's Era Words May 7th, 8 Pages William Shakespeare lived in England during to great periods in history. The court. The Queen was ‘the fount of honour’.

What about Shakespeare's Times?

The quickest route to such honour, and influence, and power, and wealth, was via the court, and the best way of .

Social and economic time druing shakespeares
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