Social psychology of sport

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Social psychology

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Degree Option M.S. in Sport and Exercise Science: Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. The sport and exercise science master’s degree totals 33 credit hours, culminating in either comprehensive exams or an original data-based thesis.

Sport psychology is an interdisciplinary science that draws on knowledge from many related fields including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology. which has been foundational in the literature of social psychology and social facilitation.

It is an ideal book for social psychology of sport and physical activity courses as well as courses in the psychology of coaching, sport psychology, and sport sociology. Audience A reference for sport psychologists and researchers interested in the psychosocial aspects of sport.

A reference for sport psychologists and researchers interested in the psychosocial aspects of sport. A primary text for upper-level and graduate students in social psychology of sport; also a supplemental text for courses in sport psychology, psychology of coaching, and sport sociology. Sophia Jowett, PhD, is a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at Loughborough received her PhD from the University of Exeter in Her main research revolves around the affective, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of interpersonal relationships in sport.3/5(2).

Jowett has published in peer-reviewed journals, including the British Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, The Sport Psychologist, International Journal of Sport Psychology, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine Sciences and Sports, and Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and $

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